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Welcome to the new St. Augustine Pirate University Center for Learning. I encourage you to demonstrate your pirate knowledge and complete your free Degree in your area of pirate expertise.

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ST. Augustine Pirate University is a fun web site that refreshes your knowledge with a brief overview of various aspects of Pirateology. Once you have successfully completed the course of study we will  assist you in the reaffirmation of your knowledge by recognizing your achievements  with the  granting of a free diploma in your chosen field of Pirateology.

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St. Augustine Pirate Tales from the Black Raven


The nations oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida is 

steeped in the history of four nations, Spain, Britain, 

The Confederate States of American and the United 

States of America. Yet the old city was founded to 

defend the Spanish Treasure ships from pirates. For 

the first two hundred plus years, pirates and privateers 

had a dramatic effect on this rustic city. Now 

Black Raven Adventures and Joseph O'Steen brings 

you the high lights of those blood thirsty villains of the 


Black Raven in St. Augustine, Florida

Pirate Gathering 2009


St. Augustine Pirate Gathering 2008 Photos

St. Augustine Pirate Gathering Photos



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