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We are a group of Northeast Florida Scallywags who enjoy playing pirate, Buccaneer and Swordsman while supporting community charities and activities. We enjoy all things pirate and those who love pirates are considered our Brothers and Sisters.. If ye are of like mind drop us a dispatch and sign the articles of Piracy.


St. Augustine is a unique place with a rich history of pirates, privateers and pirate hunters.

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Our Membership now stands at 68

 Our members are nation wide, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Titusville, Orlando, Key Largo and Tampa , Florida....Virginia, Georgia, New England, and California.

If you are a Pirate  or Pirate Fan of good

 Character, email us to attend our next

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Invitation to Join 

    Friends, Pirates, Buccaneers, Privateers and Pirate fans, we the pirates of the St. Augustine Swashbucklers, Pirates and Buccaneers Social Society invite you to join us as we open our pirate group to expansion with enhanced mission and direction.

    We began our group in the summer of 2006 as a way for like minded friends to gather for social functions and enjoy our love of all things piratical. As our group grew with new members  experienced in more traditional groups and some of us visited other groups, we have realized that is where we want to be. Over the past year our desire has grown to learn more and share more about St. Augustine Pirate history and piracy in general. We participate in local and outside area pirate functions while supporting civic and charity events. We will continue to this direction as our mission to celebrate our love for all things pirate.

If you are of good character and want to be like pirates of old, where each member has an equal voice in group operation and event planning, or would like to associate your group with the Swashbucklers or are from out of town and wish to be an associate member and join our events in St. Augustine send us and email.

    Any time you, as a member of our group, plan to visit our fair city; you will instantly have pirate comrades as your own personal tour and pub guides. Ahh the benefits of being brothers in arms.






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