Joseph O'Steen has written a fast paced, exciting novel......Michael Lempe, No Quarter Given Pirate Magazine. ........Joseph O'Steen is a born storyteller whose writing style reminds me strongly of C.S. Forester.....Nina Osiner, Author/Reviewer  

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Joseph O'Steen writes the Nathan Beauchamp of the Royal Navy series. These Napoleonic War stories follow the naval career of a young British lad from a well to do family with a long line of naval officers. The series is a welcome addition to the nautical lore and serves as an entry level to the new reader of this genre by providing fast paced action without the often confusing details of sail and ship handling found in the traditional book of the genre.

St. Augustine

Pirate Tales from the

Black Raven


The nations oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida is steeped in the history of four nations, Spain, Britain, The Confederate States of American and the United Stated of America. Yet the old city was founded to defend the Spanish Treasure ships from pirates. For the first two hundred plus years, pirates and privateers had a dramatic effect on this rustic city. Now Black Raven Adventures and Joseph O'Steen brings you the high lights of those blood thirsty villains of the sea.





ISBN 0-9761-1106-3

Book one of the 

Nathan Beauchamp 

of the Royal Navy Series

 Read more about Falcon's Revenge

The Peace of Amiens has ended, The Napoleonic Wars at Sea have begun and Lieutenant Nathan Beauchamp of the Royal Navy is ordered home for reassignment to the rebuilding fleet. As temporary first officer of the Brig HMS Sampson, Beauchamp captures the privateer cutter Bateuse, as the Sampson sinks beneath him. Now he must stop the French Pirate/Privateer Roseau from taking British merchant ships.






ISBN 0-9761-1109-8

Book two of the 

Nathan Beauchamp 

of the Royal Navy Series

Read more about Pursuit of Honor

A former Dutch merchantman is taken into the Royal Navy, armed, and outfitted as a pirate raider. Commander Nathan Beauchamp is given command and ordered to the Spanish Florida Keys to prevent the San Pedro's treasure from falling into Irish hands. His Majesty's pirate ship Hawk sets sail on an adventure of danger, romance and the pursuit of honor.

Our Covers
    The Tall Ship on our covers is the Royaliste. She  is a 71' OA gaff-rigged, square-tops'l ketch refit to specifications of an 18th-century dispatch gunboat/bomb ketch. Her owner and Captain, Gary Bergman, Has her outfitted as a non-profit privateer/pirate ship for the preservation of the Tall Ship. To find out more about this wonderful ship visit Captain Bergman's  sites.
Privateer and Royaliste

  Special Thanks to the Nathan Beauchamp  Series Cover Photographer, Claire Britton-Warren.  Claire is a key crewmember of the Pirate Ship Royaliste. Please visit Tales of the Seven Seas web site to view her photos of the Royaliste and her other pirate re-enactment events.

Tales of the seven Seas


Order by Mail

Order your Signed Copy of Falcon's Revenge or Pursuit of Honor from the Author. Please include who the book is to be addressed to.

$13.95 plus $2 Shipping each. (US and Canada) 

Send Check or Money order to:

Joseph O'Steen

755 Delespine Ave. 

St. Augustine, Fl 32084


Read Joseph's Guest Log!
Joseph's  Guest Log!  



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Why I Write

I fell in love with the sea at an early age and have always admired the men and ships of the age of sail. I consumed books more quickly than they could be written and published. While waiting for Mr. Alexander Kent's Second to None to be published. my wife, Chris, persuaded me to write my own sea stories. At about the same time at her suggestion  I became one of  eight members of the Yahoo Bolitho group who began  the Hart of Oaks role-playing site online We began as British naval officers waiting for orders. I  created Nathan Beauchamp, a young British Naval officer in 1803. Soon the online role-playing was just not enough, so I researched British naval histories and started to write the Nathan Beauchamp of the Royal Navy series.


Joseph O'Steen



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